MagSafe Charger Holder Stand for iPhone 13/12


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ROBOQi MGStand is a MagSafe holder which perfectly fits for MagSafe Wireless Charger with iPhone 13/12.

It allows you to snap on and charge your iPhone with the MagSafe magnetic design.

ROBOQi Stand is made of premium aluminum alloy with architecturally inspired design making the cable invisible.

ROBOQi MGStand provides easy access to your phone while it is charging and allows you to rotate it in portrait or landscape.

The Anti-slip silicone pads under the stand make it stable and firm.

Firmly press the MagSafe charger into the stand and simply place its cable on the back.

Easily remove your MagSafe charger from the ROBOQi docking stand by pressing through the back with a finger touch.

Note: Please use the original MagSafe Wireless Charger to fit the stand. The MagSafe charger is not included.